AlpineClan is distant and secretive, rarely seen by outsiders. They are not friendly to cats outside their Clan, and will chase them off without second thoughts. They live in the ragged mountians, giving name to their Clan.

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Breezestar: dark gray she-cat with white paws and cold blue eyes. Roleplayed by: ~Wildest Dreams~


Minkclaw: mink tomcat. Roleplayed by: ~Wildest Dreams~

Medicine CatEdit

Brineowl: white she-cat with gray flecks along sides, and brown eyes. Roleplayed by: sue creator 101


Sorrelpaw: tortoiseshell, ginger, and black she-cat


Sundapple: calico she-cat with white markings and light amber eyes. Roleplayed by: M'lday Soccer

Opalglow: white she-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed by:No One

Otterspring: brown tabby tom and pale orange patches and blue eyes. Roleplayed by:No One

Flashblizzard: white tom with jagged light gray stripes and amber eyes. Roleplayed by:No One

Silentsecret: gray tabby tom with a black muzzle, chest, belly, legs, tail-tip, and ears, with deep blue eyes. Roleplayed by: sue creator 101

Bramblespots: white tom with black spots and paws. Roleplayed by:No One

Poppyshade—black she-cat with scarlet eyes. Roleplayed by: kawaii time

Minkclaw: mink tom with black points. Roleplayed by:~Wildest Dreams~

Reedwillow: lanky black smoke tom. Roleplayed by: M'lady Soccer



Queens & KitsEdit

Yellowfang: yellow-gray molly with one eyes. Roleplayed by:~Wildest Dreams~

Mother of:

Berrykit: cream-colored tomkit. Roleplay by:~Wildest Dreams~
Sorrowkit: large gray tomkit. Roleplayed by; No One
Beekit: golden-brown tabby tomkit. Roleplayed by:No One