Poppyshade is a black she-cat with scarlet eyes. She is a very blunt cat who dislikes idiotic opinions, though she is said to be quite indecisive, and thinks on things carefully before making a decision. Her parents and siblings being long dead, she has learned to keep herself together and follow her own advice.

Gender Female
Age 17 moons
Status Living
Current AlpineClan
Kit Poppykit
Apprentice Poppypaw
Warrior Poppyshade
Mentors Emptywish
Roleplayed By
Owner Pastel-Latte



Poppyshade is described to be the color of holly leaf shadows, and being a very dark color. This makes it easier for her to hide in the vicinity of pine trees, which are somewhat abundant in her Clan's territory. However, this is poorly suited to the snow, as it looks like soot against frost. Her fur is of medium length, and helps her move quickly through the territory to flee. She is noted to have very, very dull shades of gray dappling her pelt, though this is unnoticeable unless looked at closely. Her eyes are scarlet as poppies, for which she was named, and these may be surprising to those unfamiliar to her.

She is somewhat muscular, with a strong yet slender bone structure, which can be seen most often in winter, when prey is scarce. She has long legs, which give her a tall height, though she is shorter than other toms of her age. She has oddly broad shoulders for a she-cat, and these are quite strong along with the rest of her, helping her run quickly and exercise. She is, however, not a physical wonder, and her attributes are just uncommon, not rare.


Poppyshade is very blunt in nature, and she is often prone to sarcasm when confronted with idiotic opinions. She tends to come off a tad rude for her behavior, but she shrugs it off easily, claiming it's the other cat's fault they have poor judgement. She can especially be this way when confronted with something personal, and she turns defensive and recoils constantly to rude words directed at her.


Physical HealthEdit

Physically, Poppyshade is rather healthy, always attempting to keep her internal organs working well, and gives herself enough time to exercise when possible. She enjoys doing this, and she also feels satisfied chasing away health problems. She gets illnesses at about the same rate as other cats, getting major ones - such as greencough - a bit more often than others, but is able to quickly shake off minors like whitecough.


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